System upgrades & new apps

We’ve sent this info in an email to all subscribers, but wanted to add it here as well for good measure.

The team at DrinkTV has been hard at work revamping our apps across all platforms to bring you an upgraded viewing experience. Those upgraded apps are rolling out now, and we’re now utilizing a password-based sign in system so you’ll need to click the link below to reset your password (or set one for the first time if you’ve only been using the Apple/Android/Roku/Amazon apps, and not signing in on the web).


In addition to the new login system, there are a number of other upgrades, including:

  • Playlists, favorites, and recommended next videos
  • Native support for Android TV
  • Overhauled iPad experience
  • Better Chromecast support
  • Closed captioning support is now switched over to the new system, so you can watch online as soon as you reset your password. Upgraded apps are rolling out starting today on the following platforms:

Updates are also pending for AndroidTV and Amazon Fire, so please stay tuned. We also have new platform coming, including for several smart TVs and more).

The old apps will continue to work until Sept 1., but you’ll want to update as soon as possible to take advantage of the upgraded features of the new ones.

Finally, we’re introducing a “watch free with ads” option to give viewers more ways to check out DrinkTV. A large selection of our content will be available to watch in this way.  If you’re a paying subscriber or got a gift/perk subscription as a BrewDog Equity For Punks investor, you won’t see any ads, and you’ll have access to additional content not available to free viewers, plus the new ability to save shows for offline viewing on mobile apps.

Cheers and thanks for watching!