Watch Jason Yu make his original cocktail right here


Jason Yu’s low-key sour. Delectably refreshing, rich in mouthfeel and easy to drink.


  • 2oz Brandy
  • 1oz Grapefruit juice
  • 1/2oz Grenadine
  • 6 drops saline
  • Pomegranate vapour


Add the grapefruit juice to your favourite shaker set! Next, comes the grenadine (equal amounts of pomegranate juice and sugar)- now make sure you use the pomegranate variety, stay away from cherry grenadine as it’s not real grenadine!

Then add your congac or brandy (whatever your preference), and six careful drops of saline. Make sure you’re using saltwater and not the stuff you put in your eyes. Jason uses it to balance the sweetness of the cocktail and give it that umami flavor!

Add ice and shake! Double strain to keep out those pesky ice shards into a brandy balloon!

Garnish with grapefruit peel, with flamed ends that turn into a fan

Next up is pomegranate vapor. In a beaker of pure pomegranate juice, add a couple of rocks of dry ice to create a thick, flavorful cloud. Swirl the liquid to make sure the dry ice is fully dissolved and then slowly pour the smoke (not the juice) into your brandy balloon… the slower the better. The aromatics are intense, and it looks awesome!!

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