night cap

Jade Estabillo gets creative with her version of a Night Cap, right here


Jade’s nightcap uses Damiana liqueur, made from a flower similar to chamomile… but also an aphrodisiac! We can’t promise this NightCap will send you to the land of nod…


  • 1oz lemon juice
  • 1oz Damiana liqueur
  • dash of agave
  • 2oz Reposado Tequila
  • 2oz cooled chamomile tea


Mix your lemon juice, a nudge of agave, chamomile tea and tequila and shake with ice for about 20 seconds (we’re not serving this baby over ice so it’s getting a long shake).

Single strain into a rocks glass, and garnish with individual chamomile flowers that happily float on the surface of the liquid.

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