Watch Jason Yu make this timeless drink here


The Manhattan is a timeless classic thanks to it’s wonderful versatility. Whether paired with food, or just great company – this drink is the quintessential route to a good time.


  • 2 dashes angostura bitters
  • 1oz sweet vermouth
  • 2oz whiskey


The first thing Jason Yu does is chill his coup glass with crushed ice, and set it to one side. We’re not diluting this cocktail, so getting the temperature of the glass down ensures your drink stays cold and smooth for longer.

Fun fact: the coup glass is rumoured to be moulded directly from Marie Antionette’s left breast. Who knew?

This is a spirit forward cocktail, so we’re stirring this one. Take your beaker and add in a couple dashes of bitters, and sweet vermouth. Top tip: the vermouth adds complexity, so if your vermouth is no good, neither is your Manhattan. For an extra bit of spice, use rye whiskey, otherwise use your scotch of choice.

Stir slowly and gently. Then tip the ice from your coup, and single strain your cocktail right into it.

Finally, garnish. The most common for this cocktail is a cherry, but because we’ve spiced things up with rye, we’re going with orange zest. Express the oils and skewer with a cocktail stick. 

Stay classy, and sip.

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