Blian Klemm mixes up his simple yet delicious masterpiece here


A classic, and hands down one of Brian Klemm’s favorites. There are a lot of stories credited to the creation of the Daiquiri, most notably, Jennings Cox, an American Miner during the Spanish/American war, was given full kudos for the creation of this sweet drink.

Because the ingredients are few, the cocktail will only be as good as it’s worst ingredient – so it’s crucial you use high-quality and fresh juices, spirits and syrups for this.


  • 1oz lime juice
  • 3/4oz simple syrup
  • 2oz SelvaRey White


Start off by adding the lime juice into your shaker, follow up with the syrup, and last but not least, the SelvaRey White. Add ice, and shake.

We’re serving ours on a rock, so we’re not shaking for long!

Double strain into your rocks glass (thanks to the fresh lime juice), and garnish with a zesty wedge of lime.


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