cuba libre

Brian Klemm makes a simple, yet magnificent cocktail right here


A cocktail with a simple recipe, but an epic history. Cuba libre literally means, free Cuba which was a slogan leading into the Spanish/American war as they struggled to gain their independence. During that time, this cocktail spread like wildfire.


  • 1oz lime juice
  • 3/4oz cola reduction with a hint of vanilla
  • 2oz SelvaRey White


Get out your shaker set and throw in your lime juice, cola reduction and SelvaRey White.

Top tip: When you’re making your cola reduction, make sure that your cola has real sugar in it, so it boils down to a syrup-like texture and results in a much better cocktail overall.

Add ice and shake quickly. Grab your favorite rocks glass and place a single huge chunk of ice. Single strain over the ice, and add a wedge of lime. And serve.

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