Brian Klemm astounds us as usual with an unusual take on the espresso martini right here


Originating from London, when a woman politely asked for a drink that’ll wake her up, then fuck her up… This is a different take on the original, with a fresh new bitterness from the cold brew knocking you to (then off) your feet.


  • 1/4oz Simple syrup
  • 1/4oz Crème de Menthe
  • 3/4oz Coffee liqueur
  • 1oz Cold brew
  • 2oz SelvaRey Cacao
  • Dried coffee beans (for garnish)

Add the syrup, crème de menthe, coffee liqueur, cold brew and SelvaRey into your favourite shaker with one huge hunk of beautiful ice, and shake this bad boy as hard, and as long as you can.

This is the martini’s first and only chance to chill right down and get a touch of dilution before it’s served up – plus the shake adds a tiny bit of sexy frothy texture to the final serve!

Single strain into your martini glass, and don’t forget your
three-bean garnish!

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