To see Jason Yu make his delicious Boulevardier, click here


The difference between the Boulevardier and the Negroni is that there’s whiskey instead of gin – a delicious substitution!


  • 3/4oz Campari
  • 3/4oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 1/2oz Whiskey
  • Orange zest garnish


As the Boulevardier is a spirit forward drink, we’ll be stirring this one.

Add Campari, sweet vermouth, and whiskey into a beaker over chunks of ice. Stir gently for 10 seconds. We’re not diluting it too much as it’s gonna be sitting on a big ice cube for the serve, so will have plenty more time to cool down for a long, slow drink.

Single strain into your tumbler of choice. For the garnish, slice off a large piece of orange zest. Top tip: orange skin has aromatic oils in it, that when you squeeze, spray outwards over the surface of your cocktail (they’re also flammable). Wipe the skin around the rim of your glass to give your drink a 3rd dimension which complements the Campari and sweet vermouth, then finally lay the skin on top of the ice cube and serve.

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