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Thanks for coming by to have a drink with us.

DrinkTV is a unique content destination that celebrates all the best in drinks culture: from the bartenders who inspire us with creative recipes to the brewers, distillers and vintners who create the magical liquids in our glasses, and of course all the new friends we make along the way in our ABV adventures.

Our original long and short form series explore stories in the worlds of cocktails and spirits, beer, wine, food, comedy and lifestyle.  We are partnering with breweries, distilleries, Michelin star chefs, food and drink experts, comedians, game show hosts and a plethora of storytellers across all genres that share our passion and drive for creativity, entertainment, and adventure.

Whether you want to watch the godfather of drinking television Zane Lamprey as he reignites his quest to uncover the greatest drinking destinations in the world on Four Sheets, or see BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie risk life and limb brewing beers on a moving train or under the ocean on The BrewDog Show, we’ve got you covered. Want to learn cocktail secrets from the greatest mixologists around? Or play bar trivia with legendary TV host Marc Summers? You’ll find it here. DrinkTV is your destination for drinks content with a healthy sense of humor.  We take quality seriously—but not ourselves.

We’re also serving up a curated selection of documentaries celebrating the best of drinks culture, from small business stories of brewers looking to stake a claim in the world of craft beer to the untold history behind absinthe and other favorite spirits.

This is liquid entertainment.  This is DrinkTV. We’re glad you’re here.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to DrinkTV!”

  1. So proud of the accomplishment made by so many to get this off the ground. I have followed Zane since Three Sheets and now with Four Sheets, man Zane, you have come a long way brother! The show is GREAT! Good on ya! Cheers and thanks for making great entertainment and for just being so damn cool and hospitable and thanks DrinkTV for the resurrection of a man and his tremendous crew that are worth resurrecting. Cheers again to Zane, Adv3nture, crews, and DrinkTV!

  2. I am so stoked to be on Drink TV and got an awesome deal for one year of amazing drink content. Can’t wait to explore and view some really great programs that you offer on this site. I just want to say CHEERS to all and DRINK TV!!!!

    Mike. A

  3. Looking forward to all the new content and seeing Zane and the gang again, do what they do best! DRINK!
    John C

  4. Subscribing to DrinkTV has paid off in hours of awesome viewing. I think we’ve watched all of Zane’s shows already twice and are hungry for more, old and new. I’d really like to see ALL of the shows that Zane has done on DrinkTV. I’ve also really enjoyed the 2 episodes of Into the Wilderness. Those guys are great and I’m re-watching those repeatedly also. I’m looking forward to new shows and of course more Zane, Mel & the crew.

  5. Stephen L Zyble

    I totally subscribed due to Zane Lamprey content. There are many other fun options on here and some good personalities. However, we need more Four Sheets and perhaps HD version of old Three Sheets seasons. Cheers!

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